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Kneading Conference 2013

It’s pretty inspiring to have a chance to be with a vibrant group of bakers (both professional and home), grain millers and grain growers for three days. We’re all speaking the same language – albeit from a different perspective. This … Continue reading

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Croissants are one of those elusive pastries that, done well, are truly amazing.  And in your home kitchen, an amazing feat. These beauties were made in my home kitchen. The keys to beautiful croissants are the in the dough and … Continue reading

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Holiday Breads

After  a busy holiday, it’s time to recap a bit. Out of all of the wonderful treats I made this season (cookies, confections and things in between), I love my holiday breads best. They’re traditional which brings me back to … Continue reading

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Flour Power

It’s a cheesy title, I know.  But you have to get a little cheesy before you approach a baking topic as serious as flour.  One of the most often-asked questions I hear in Pastry Craft classes is, “Does it really … Continue reading

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Bread Day

We’ve had some cool, cloudy days lately.  It was time to make some bread.  I don’t bake bread in the summer.  Firing up the oven to 550 degrees when it’s already hot outside is just not inviting.  I usually save … Continue reading

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