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Strawberry Jam Crostata from Karista’s Kitchen

Karista Bennett, chef and writer of Karista’s Kitchen joins Pastry Craft this week to talk strawberries, strawberry tarts, and a recent trip to Italy. Karista is a personal chef and chef instructor, as well as a writer/recipe creator for DaVinci … Continue reading

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Kneading Conference 2013

It’s pretty inspiring to have a chance to be with a vibrant group of bakers (both professional and home), grain millers and grain growers for three days. We’re all speaking the same language – albeit from a different perspective. This … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Upside Down Cake

Much to most Western Washingtonians’ surprise, we’ve had a warm, dry spring. It’s very strange. Most of my flower gardens are one month ahead of normal. The clematis have bloomed and gone, the calla lilies are in bloom (cue Katharine … Continue reading

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Autumn Birthday Cake

Once a year I delve in a several-hour project – making my niece’s birthday cake. Proudly, I’ve made cakes for seven or her eight birthdays.  Something different each year – girlie with pink and purple flowers, trains, animals, Tigger.  We’ve … Continue reading

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White or Wheat

It used to be that the number one question I would get from my students is, “Do you watch Top Chef?” Thankfully, that question has taken a back seat to:  “Can I make this with whole wheat flour?”  This tell-tale … Continue reading

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