Frequently Asked Questions

Is my kitchen big enough?
If you have space to put down a cutting board for each person in the class, then you have enough room. This can include a table in your kitchen or dining room too.

Do I have the right tools?
Pastry Craft teaches you the most efficient way to use the tools you already have in your kitchen. We can provide additional tools for larger groups, as well as small appliances, such as mixers. We're also able to show you some new and different tools that you might find useful.

What do I need to provide?
You provide a 4-burner range top, oven (a double oven is best for larger groups), and space in your refrigerator and freezer (depending on the class you choose).

Will I be able to take home what I've created in class?
Yes! There will be time in class to taste your creations and always enough pastry to take some home to share with friends and family. (Exceptions may be classes such as Sweet and Savory Lunch in which we will sit down for a meal of class creations.)

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